Non-Metal Scrap

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The largest portion of non-metal waste consists of waste paper, wood, plastics, glass and textile.

Waste paper is the most important raw material for the paper industry since more and more paper is recycled. The same waste paper can be recycled as much as six times before it becomes useless for further recovery. we collect and prepare 8 types of paper for reuse (Paper and cardboard packaging & Newspapers, magazines & Carboard & Computer paper & Paper from production & Files - archives & Office paper & Books and notebooks

A large percentage of plastic is recycled from waste packaging.
PET - plastic bottles and plastic packaging for storing beverages
HDPE - plastic bottles for liquids in non-food industry
Foils - coloured and colourless plastic foils
ABS - mostly products of higher strength and resistance to external influences
PVC - up until recently the most commonly used type of plastic, is being replaced by more environmentally friendly materials due to its chlorine content

Wood as a secondary raw material is gaining in importance, since it represents a large portion of waste in companies.
we collect and prepare 2 types of Wood for reuse ( Wood packaging & Sorted wood )

Glass recyclates are sorted into two main sub-categories: flat glass (car glass and window glass) and glass containers. Glass waste is collected in special containers ( Glass Bottles).
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